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Fulfilling our responsibilities is one of our obligations and greatest strengths. That is why we do our job in an organized and timely manner. 

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To provide a high quality, professional cleaning service with guaranteed satisfaction, focusing on everyone's requirements and understanding each client on an individual basis. We are pet friendly and we know pets are part of the family.

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To be a recognized company for providing a high quality and impeccable cleaning service, achieving our customer’s satisfaction through a friendly, respectful, reliable and honest service.

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DIAZ CLEANING SERVICES LLC is a dream come true. I always dreamed of having my own company but I knew that due to the difficult economic and social situation in my country it was impossible to fulfill it. Because of this and due to the few opportunities I had, I decided to emigrate to the United States where I started working in a cleaning company where I learned to be a professional and where day by day I acquired the indispensable knowledge related to this profession. A few years passed and the time and my family helped me realize that I could have my own company and thus make that dream come true. My greatest desire about having a company was to give my family, especially my son, better opportunities to grow up and a better quality of life.


For all of the above and seeing that life was giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream, I decided to become an entrepreneur and  build my own business , getting customers step by step and starting to perform the profession of cleaning in apartments and houses of people who already knew me and requested my services. 

Thanks to the quality and professionalism of my work and the excellent recommendations that my clients gave me, I received new calls from additional people who wanted to hire me and at that moment, together with my family, we decided to create our company, DIAZ CLEANING SERVICES, a family business with over 10 years of experience, which provides professional cleaning services in the commercial and residential sector, where our customers can find a friendly and high quality service, we are characterized to be pet friendly because we know that they are part of the family. 

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